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Nathan Paige

Managing Director

Kristina Mallorca

Manager, Engagement and Service Delivery

Our Chicago Story

2021 marks the 31 year anniversary of the founding of DS (Diversified During the past 31 years, Diversified Systems has witnessed significant changes and events in the technology space. We have experienced multiple epochs in the evolution of the national and global technology industry including (but not limited to) Mainframe, distributed systems, web based, mobility, SAS, Y2K, Enterprise wide solutions, and now the Cloud. Looking ahead, the emerging world of AI will challenge us in very different and unforeseen ways. The velocity of these changes has disrupted major industries and eliminated others.

As a company, Diversified Systems has not only witnessed this change, but we have been a participant as a change agent. Diversified Systems views the future with a firm sense of informed optimism. Diversified Systems leadership has developed a vision of an integrated technology ecosystem that will radically change the way society is organized and how people utilize technology in their everyday lives.

An essential part of this strategic vision is expansion. Expansion into new technology solutions and to new geographic locations. Diversified Systems has been engaged in a gradual and strategic expansion. Chicago is a prime example of this strategy. Our Chicago office was launched in 2016. Chicago is a world class city that remains a key transportation hub and a global business center. Its diverse economy and robust education institution has placed Chicago at the forefront of Information Technology innovation.

We believe that Chicago provides us a fertile environment for Diversified Systems to leverage our 31 years of experience to add substantial values to the public and private organizations throughout the Chicagoland, State and Midwestern region.

Our Expertise

31 Years In Business
12 States That We Work In

Project Management

We advise, assess, mentor, plan, organize, manage, set milestones and establish controls that enable you to achieve business objectives.

Systems Integration

We can help you implement best-of-breed solutions by integrating them with your current legacy environment.

Database Services

We manage and administer some of the largest ORACLE database infrastructures in the country. We also provide services for MS Access, MySQL, SQL Server and Sybase.

Application Development

We are a proven provider of application development services for all phases of the development life-cycle and spans a wide range of technologies, platforms and operating systems.

Website Development

We offer responsive web design and development as well as ongoing support and technical services.

ERP Services

We provide specific expertise to address your ERP software of choice as well as technicians proficient in the module you’re integrating.

Operational Nursing Assessment

Our Operational Nursing Excellence Assessment & Plan develops your foundation for success.

Network Support

Our LAN Management Solutions (LMS) provides a solid foundation of basic and advanced device management applications that help network operators more efficiently manage their networks.

Staff Augmentation

We provide proven, experienced professionals at market rates, when and where you need them.

Valued Partner Relationships


Client Testimonials

“…DSI fills a distinct need for organizations to streamline their processes and have access to top tech talent. Smaller organizations, and even government organizations, cannot always keep this kind of talent on staff. Thus, DSI is able to help these businesses stay current to technology trends and thus remain competitive in the larger market.”

An IT Executive at Hewlett-Packard Company

“…under Archie [Williamson’s] leadership, his team consistently delivers exceptional work and outstanding customer service to each of their clients. Archie fosters a commitment, loyalty, and enthusiasm with everyone he works with, and this translates into tangible business results. Not only do his clients remain satisfied with the work his team produces, his employees boast an impressive longevity…”

A Senior Executive at Navigator Management Partners

A Sampling of Our Awards

  • Business First Top Minority-owned businesses in Central Ohio (Business First)
  • Recipient of “Columbus Black Leaders Award”
  • Accenture DSDP III Mentor/Protege Graduate (Graduate with Most Notable Activity)
  • Business First Top Technology Consulting Firms in Central Ohio (Business First)
  • Business First Top Technology Consulting Firms in Central Ohio (Business First)
  • Business First Top Minority-owned businesses in Central Ohio (Business First)
  • “Top Minority-owned businesses US”
  • MBE Legacy Business of the Year, awarded by South Central Ohio MSDC
  • Center of Excellence Graduate from the National Minority Supplier Development Council
  • #13 Business First Top Minority-owned businesses in Central Ohio
  • #16 Business First Top Minority-owned businesses in Central Ohio
  • DSI selected as TopCAT awards finalist for “Minority Owned Enterprise”.
  • DSI selected as TopCAT awards finalist for “Outstanding Service 50 Employees”
  • Diversified Systems Awarded SCOMBC Minority Business Enterprise of the Year Award
  • Executive of the Year

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Team Approach

A core part of our success at Diversified Systems through the years is the strength and efficiency of our integrated internal team. Business Development Directors, Technical Resource Managers, and Subject Matter Experts work together with our clients to deliver quality resources efficiently across a wide spectrum of IT project environments. Technical solutions and services are delivered by Project Managers supported by a large staff of highly experienced IT Specialists and Technicians. This has resulted in a history of success stories and highly satisfied clients. Here is a sampling of our success.

Mobile Apps Design & Development
  • Federal Government ongoing Data Base Development and Administration for a large component of the U.S Department of Justice
  • Business Analysis services for world’s leading Commercial Lottery Operator for the State of Illinois Lottery System
  • State Welfare System IT implementation services in 7 different states in the US
  • Offsite Disaster Recovery Center implementation
  • Banking Industry and Government Sector e-commerce and e-business projects
  • Logistics Industry internal marketing and manufacturing B2B system
  • State of Ohio automated hospital drug dispensing system state-wide
  • Insurance Industry IT operational center operation
  • State of Ohio Food Stamp system conversion
  • Electronic Benefits Card (Smartcard) program implementation
  • Manufacturing Industry mission critical financial systems integration
  • Legacy systems to wide area network conversion management
  • Oracle database development and training in a large Client/Server environment
  • Federally Approved Integrated Tax System Project Management for State Government