Legacy Systems Modernization

Legacy Systems Modernization

At Diversified Systems, we understand the challenges that large businesses face with complex modernization projects. Our approach is to modernize your current applications by the use of a tool. The tool set allows you to build a COTS application that is built with your current functionality and any customization you would like added without walking away from your systems investments.

Our Task

Diversified Systems utilizes a tool set that provides the capability for code generation, regardless of your current legacy language. The technology is consistent with a specific front-end design for the legacy language you are moving from. Language parsers are used for metadata extraction and source code analysis in building the new selected output code (SOA).


Here are some of the differentiators of our process:

  •  Conversion to AngularJS, Java, .NET, and others
  •  Tools do not line-by-line translate code
  • New code created to optimize your programming staffs adoption
  •  COTS Software Application
  •  All Legacy Languages Supported (Customized front-end for each language)
  •  No Code Freeze during the modernization
  •  Customization can be done during the conversion process
  •  Client’s team can be incorporated into the process to upskill staff