Business Development Program

The Diversified Systems Business Development Consultant Program offers you a lucrative yet flexible opportunity to represent us in a business development capacity within your established base of contacts and organizations, or within new areas of your selection. This program may be utilized part time or full time. You define the territory or set of target accounts. Compensation can be quite lucrative for solid performers and is based directly on results. The results will be realized through a combination of your experience and expertise in the IT Industry and the proven Diversified Systems support methodology and techniques developed over 25 years in our industry.

  • project-management

Client Builder Program

We are continually enhancing Diversified Systems Business Development infrastructure to more closely reflect three things; the dynamics of our industry, our valued customer requirements, and the talents and business acumen of our loyal consulting staff. As a staff member, you are closer to your client, on a regular basis, than anyone else in our organization. You are very well positioned to hear about opportunities to increase business activity at your client.

The purpose of the Client Builder Program is to recognize and reward Diversified Systems’ account leaders who are in a position to identify new business opportunities and provide information to Diversified Systems in a timely, efficient manner, resulting in our ability to capture additional business. This program refers to these Diversified Systems leaders as “Client Builders” and the new opportunities are called “leads”.

Diversified Systems believes that if you are properly motivated, you will pass along leads to us in a timely manner. This timeliness provides Diversified Systems a competitive advantage to grow the account. Client Builders are financially rewarded for helping with this growth and are therefore motivated to promote future growth