A Sampling of Our Success

Diversified Systems has successfully provided Information Technology services to a wide variety of local, state and federal government clients as well as a large number of commercial accounts throughout the Midwest.  Here are a sampling of client companies and organizations that have benefitted from our expertise.

We utilize a large staff of technical expertise as well as an established pool of technical partners.  Recruiting is a major strength and we take great pride in our ability to secure difficult-to-find technical skills and experience for our client engagements.

Here are a sampling of the commercial clients that have used our services as well as some detail project descriptions from our government sector customers.

U.S. Department of Justice

Diversified Systems currently provides support for two major projects through the US Department of Justice. The first project is a standard corporate database administration support duty to provide DBA support to application developers for those applications that have been developed using Oracle’s Developer 2000 product suite, and Forms and Reports Version 6 processing.

DSI provides technical support services for the Office of Information Systems as requests are received for new application development. We provide the requirements definition, analysis, design, and  development, as well as documentation and maintenance support.

We are responsible for moving existing and newly developed applications to a more centralized architecture, taking full advantage  intranet capabilities, and reducing the need to continually customize and configure desktops, and greatly increasing user efficiency and satisfaction.

    Indiana Department of Child Services

Diversified Systems was a key member of the IBM technical team which designed and implemented PeopleSoft Financial’s version 8.4 General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Project Costing, and Accounts Receivable/Billing for the State of Indiana’s Family Social Services Agency.

DSI consultants developed a training curriculum as well as coordinated and led the training of over 400 users per week. Our responsibilities included the development of training exercises, defining objectives, job aides, user guides, and student evaluations. DSI consultants also administered and performed the actual training. On subsequent phases we expanded our involvement to perform the functional implementation of the Accounts Receivable/Billing Modules.

  Ohio Department of Health

DSI provides overall Project Management for this critical application.  The Ohio Department of Health (ODH) has been developing an electronic disease reporting system for infectious diseases. The Ohio Disease Reporting System (ODRS) will provide a constantly updated database that is continuously accessible by local health departments and appropriate ODH staff. ODRS should improve the timeliness and completeness of disease reporting, providing continuous access to case data, case management and analysis tools. Mailing, sorting and processing of forms should be reduced while increasing data security, data sharing and communication among health departments. Due to recent events, the federal government has decided to increase the scope of this project to include detection and tracking of bioterrorism incidents.

DSI provided overall Project Management for the implementation of the Automated Drug Dispensing System, designed to decrease the cost of administering medications and decrease rates of medication errors by nursing staff throughout the state pyschiatric hospital systems. Responsibilites included assisting in the selection of hardware vendor, creation of the overall project plan, approving all recommended technical considerations. DSI coordinated all tasks to be performed by State employees, the vendor and technical contractors needed to install the dispensing devices, as well as the implementation of the technical interfaces to all related State systems.

DSI’s responsibilites included:

  • Managing a team of 8-10 people, through coordination with a project lead, in the development of systems using the Microsoft .NET platform.
  • Interviewing potential technical resources to assess technical skills and professionalism.
  • Tracking and managing contracts and costs associated with contracted resources.
  • Developing reports and analysis on project for OMIS and ODH program management.
  • Leading JAD sessions with end users and management.
  • Managing multiple project components simultaneously by overseeing other ODH staff.
  • Developing and prioritizing project tasks, and making assignments to senior project staff.
  • Enforcing work standards and reviews/resolving work discrepancies to ensure compliance with contract requirements.
  • Setting and maintaining standards for project planning, documentation and testing / quality.
  • Analyzing needs to conduct requirement assessments.
  • Conducting use case based analysis of business processes.
  • Analyzing development team estimates of project deliverables.
  • Maintaining project plans covering the high level activities of the development group.
  • Assisting the technical architect and project lead in the design of the application.
  • Reviewing documentation for accuracy and completeness.
  • Managing risks associated with the development effort.

Ohio Department of Job & Family Services

DSI provided Project Management services on the State of Ohio SACWIS project that serves all eighty-eight (88) Counties . The current FACSIS system, (Family and Children’s Service Information System) has ended the development phase of its life cycle and has entered a maintenance-only mode of operation. FACSIS has been the State’s mechanism of collecting data on child welfare programs and child abuse incidents since 1987. There are currently over 1 million individuals (children, parents, perpetrators, witnesses) tracked using the FACSIS system. Without FACSIS, this data would have to be collected from 88 different county automated or even manual child welfare systems.

Specific responsibilities included: project and time management, project identification and analysis, project integration management, project scope management, project cost management, project quality management, risk management, writing program design specifications, program analysis, design, coding, unit testing, integration testing, coordination and implementation, developing new on-line and batch programs, establishing procedures, documentation, system maintenance and support.

DSI provides Project Management services for the Support Enforcement Tracking System (SETS) project that serves all eighty-eight (88) Counties . DSI managed the design, programming, testing, and installation of a batch interface system to allow the transfer of needed information between the CRIS-E and the SETS systems. This also included the supervision of over 30 staff and their programming activities during the life of this project.

SETS provides the Agency with a tool for improving the overall service to all recipients of the child support enforcement program; and reducing the Temporary Aid to Needy Family, (TANF), program costs through increased child support collections.

SETS will be one of the largest statewide child support systems in the nation. It currently maintains data on 805,034 cases as of September 1, 2000 . Support processes can interface with over 3,500 county workers, whom have hit a daily record of over one million SETS transactions. On a daily basis, SETS creates over 2,000 notices, 28,000 checks and distributes over $7,500,000. To date, SETS has collected over $1,270,516,000 and distributed over 8,059,800 checks to custodial families.

DSI provided Project Management services on the State of Ohio CRIS-E project as well as for eleven (11) other large-scale projects within the CRIS-E system, including:

  • Benefit Issuance and Recovery
  • Ohio Works First
  • Data Exchange
  • Data Warehousing
  • School District Tax Offsets
  • Provider Certification
  • Ohio Child Care 2000
  • Sanction and Time Limits
  • Alert and Notice Processing
  • Information Delivery and Absentee Tracking
  • Mass Processing and Jobs.

CRIS-E is a centralized, on-line, real-time system that serves all eighty-eight (88) County Departments of Job and Family Services (CDJFS) in the delivery of public assistance programs, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Child Care, Food Stamps, and Ohio Health Insurance (Medicaid). CRIS-E contains over 1500 computer programs and approximately 3.6 million lines of code and more than 400 screens.

DSI provided overall Project Management of the In-Patient and Out-Patient Pharmacy System Replacement Project for the Ohio Department of Mental Health, Office of Support Services and Central Pharmacy. Responsibilities included:

  • Driving the project for the ODMH/OSS and handling all project communications
  • Acting in a Liaison role between the State, the software vendor, the information systems team and the end users
  • Developed the project timeline and budgets
  • Performed the Gap Analysis for the replacement system
  • Assisting in the selection of a software package to meet system requirements
  • Tracked and reported project status, progress and costs
  • Identified, designed and managed all interface development to other State systems

DSI provided Windows 2000 DataCenter Server, Advanced Server Training and Desktop protocol training. DSI defined implementation criteria to support adaptation of Microsoft .Net technology solutions and to orient senior IT managers to the necessary staff exposure criteria, ensuring adequate quality control standards are understood, instituted, and maintained. DSI provides coordination of orientation programs to assist in-house staff to understand utilization standards in a Windows 2000 DataCenter Server and Advanced Server environment, using Visual Studio .Net and rational XDE to develop VB.Net code on .Net Framework. The solution is based upon the design utility using the Rational Rose Enterprise Edition Object Modeling tool, documented and maintained according to United Modeling Language (UML) standards

DSI provided database analysis and data mining of the Disease Outbreak Notification System for the Ohio Department of Mental Health. DSI was tasked to specify the criteria and necessary controls to effectively integrate the relevant, existing heterogeneous software systems to analyze diseases and manage disease outbreaks. DSI managed the project to coordinate the administrative roles for the various lead responsibilities among local health departments, hospitals, and clinics. We defined data requirements between multiple systems across multiple platforms to identify disease information, control the data integrity, integrate information and schedule reporting disciplines required to satisfy designated business rules.

DSI provided Gap Analysis for re-architecting the existing mainframes and manual systems. DSI defined the feasibility criteria and identify the economic benefits by reducing the number of storage warehouses and inventory units presently maintained to serve 60 remote public facilities. DSI administered the project management and gap analysis implementation for performing a complete re-design of an existing mainframe and manual warehousing system. Defined location specifications to maintain appropriate units of inventory, location delivery schedule, and delivery units necessary to accommodate a preferred space consolidation and location concept, designated by client senior management.

Ohio Department of Rehabilitation & Correction

Diversified Systems provides ongoing design and development services pertaining to several major applications for the Division of Parole and Community Services at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction. These applications automate the management of Offender Caseload in Ohio under Parole and/or Probation Supervision by providing an electronic medium of tracking offenders using mobility tablet devices integrated with various web portals.

This project for the division of Parole & Community Services (DP&CS) at the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction (ODRC) provides easy-to-use Mobility Technology for the Parole and Probation Officers throughout the State of Ohio.

Diversified Systems provided the design and development of several applications for the Division of Parole and Community Services. These tools are based upon Mobility Technology, specifically tablet-based, and provide more efficient supervision of offenders as well as smoother implementation of the statewide offender programming initiatives such as the State of Ohio Re-entry Accountability Plan. The project also sets the foundation to utilize more modern and efficient technology at DP&CS assisting and enhancing the Community Corrections Information Sysytem. CCIS is the single most important application responsible for managing all Ohio offenders.

This Mobility Technology enables the Field Officer tools to reduce data capture redundency by providing dynamic interfaces to the CCIS system. Over 400 tablets have been deployed to date, with 1200 yet to be deployed.

  Ohio Department of Taxation

The project was early in the Planning Process when Diversified Systems joined the team as a second project manager early in the planning process with responsibility for the application development efforts.

During the planning process, we developed high-level estimates of effort, skills and costs, to complete the project on a satisfactory time line. The department’s methodolgy was used for all planning activities. This included scope, resources planning, resposibility planning, and communications. A project schedule developed with MS Project using Fast Tracking to meet the aggressive time constraint.

The project was staffed with both department employees and contracted individuals. DSI assisted in the resouce selection process. Other plan execution deliverables included the completion of project standards and process for quality, detail application design, functional test plans, user manual, with application construction currently past the mid-point.


Ohio Department of Youth Services

DSI re-engineered the existing educational program curriculum and staffing of the Student education program. DSI evaluated practical alternatives to revise educational staffing requirements, salaries and annual teaching calendars. DSI served as project lead to compare existing statutes relevant to youth services educational programs in light of program deficiencies experienced as compared to State schools for Blind and Deaf programs. Also made recommendations for a practical solution approach with estimated costs and expected benefits

DSI provided modifications, enhancements, web enablement, administration and support for the Grants Management Information System. DYS conducts various rehabilitation programs for child felons. DYS allocates the grants received from the federal government across various Programs. Grants Management Information System provides details of these Programs, funds granted by the federal govt. and budget allocations.

  • Meeting end users, requirements collection
  • Review and Evaluate requirements
  • Creating business flow diagrams like ERD, Data Flow diagrams
  • Developing User Interface screens using Developer 6i (Forms 6i)
  • Web enabling the forms
  • Creating stored procedures, functions, database triggers for data validation purposes
  • Developing Reports using Crystal Reports 8.5
  • Daily Database Administration
  • Creating Test systems and environment
  • Creating back-ups of the database
  • Executing changes in Database, Oracle forms and Reports for maintenance purpose.

Commercial Sector Clients

Accenture Columbia Gas of Ohio Humana Nationwide Insurance
Accuray Corporation Comtrac Huntington Bankshares Owens-Illinois Inc.
AEP Denison ABEX IBM Procter & Gamble
JP Morgan Chase Deloitte & Touche Kobacker Abbott Labs
Honda of America EDS Kroger Company SCOA
Blue Cross/Blue Shield Ernest & Young Lane Bryant Toledo Edison
Boeing Computer Svcs Gates McDonald Limited Brands Warner Cable
Borden Corporation General Electric Lincoln Nat’l Life Ins
Motorist Mutual Ins
CACI Grant Medical Center McGraw-Hill Cardinal Health
GTECH Redemtech


Diversified Systems is an award-winning Ohio-based corporation founded in 1990.  We offer a wide range of Information Technology products and services in 10 states as well as the District of Columbia. Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, we also have regional offices in Washington DC and Chicago, Illinois.